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Sons in Retirement

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Branch Information

If you are not devoting full time to your career and can come to our monthly luncheon meetings, you are eligible for membership in SIR.


Membership is open to all men, regardless of age, race, national origin or religion. From its inception in 1958, SIR has grown to over 22,300 members with 160 branches from Bakersfield to the Oregon border.
We donít raise money. We donít have a political agenda. We donít have a religious orientation. We donít sell light bulbs or anything else. We donít have dues as voluntary member contributions keep us going. We donít have a problem with organizations that do these things, its just that we donít.
You have paid your dues to the business world - itís time to enjoy life.



Branch Meetings

Members are invited to attend our monthly membership meetings.  Doors open at 11:00am and the meetings begin at 12:00 Noon every 4th Thursday of the Month, At Pardini's Restaurant located at 2257 W Shaw avenue and Van Ness Extension.

(November and December meeting are held on the 3rd Thursday)

(Branch Executive Committee Meetings at held at 10:30 on the same day)




Dates to Remember:

In the summer (April) every year we have a Ladies Day, and then in December (3rd Thursday) we have a Holiday Party with our ladies.  Ladies are invited to a number of the activities, please check with the Activity Chair to see if that is appropriate